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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Clinic-Integrated Mobile Health Intervention (“JomPrEP” App) to Improve Uptake of HIV Testing and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Malaysia: Protocol for an Intervention Development and Multiphase Trial

Roman Shrestha;  Jeffrey A Wickersham;  Antoine Khati;  Iskandar Azwa;  Zhao Ni;  Adeeba Kamarulzaman;  Patrick Sean Sullivan;  Luzan Jadkarim;  William H Eger;  Kamal Gautam; Frederick L Altice

JMIR Journals, November 2022. Abstract

Nurse Practitioner-Led Integrated Rapid Access to HIV Prevention for People Who Inject Drugs (iRaPID): Protocol for a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Antoine Khati, Frederick L Altice, David Vlahov, William H EgerJessica Lee, Terry Bohonnon, Jeffrey A Wickersham, Francesca MavigliaNicholas Copenhaver, Roman Shrestha

JMIR Journals, October 2022. Abstract

Formative Evaluation of the Acceptance of HIV Prevention Artificial Intelligence Chatbots By Men Who Have Sex With Men in Malaysia: Focus Group Study

Mary L Peng;  Jeffrey A Wickersham;  Frederick L Altice;  Roman Shrestha;  Iskandar Azwa;  Xin Zhou;  Mohd Akbar Ab Halim;  Wan Mohd Ikhtiaruddin;  Vincent Tee;  Adeeba Kamarulzaman;  Zhao Ni 

JMIR Publications, October 2022. Abstract

Using nominal group technique to identify barriers and facilitators to preventing HIV using combination same-day pre-exposure prophylaxis and medications for opioid use disorder

William H. Eger, Frederick L. Altice, Jessica Lee, David Vlahov, Antoine KhatiSydney Osborne, Jeffrey A. Wickersham, Terry Bohonnon, Lindsay Powell & Roman Shrestha

Harm Reduction Journal, October 2022. Abstract

Perspectives on Ethical Issues Around the Use of Smartphone Apps for HIV Prevention in Malaysia: Focus Group Study With Men Who Have Sex With Men

Antoine Khati;  Roman Shrestha;  Aviana Rosen;  Jeffrey Luces;  Jeffrey Wickersham;  Iskandar Azwa;  Mohd Akbar Ab Halim

JMIR Formative Research, January 2022. Abstract