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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Methadone within prison and linkage to and retention in treatment upon community release for people with opioid use disorder in Kyrgyzstan: Evaluation of a national program

Bachireddy, C., Shrestha, R., Bromberg, D., Azbel, L., Kurmanalieva, A., Wegman, M., Shumskaya, N., Rozanova, J., Meyer, J., & Altice, F.

International Journal of Drug Policy, March 2022. Abstract

Race, trust, and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in people with opioid use disorder

Sullivan, M., Mistler, C., Copenhaver, M., Wickersham, J., Ni, Z., Kim, R., & Shrestha, R.,

Health Psychology, December 2021. Abstract

Privacy and Confidentiality Concerns Related to the Use of mHealth Apps for HIV Prevention Efforts Among Malaysian Men Who Have Sex With Men: Cross-sectional Survey Study

Shrestha, R., Fisher, C., Wickersham, J., Khati, A., Kim, R., Azwa, I., Mistler, C., & Goldsamt, L.

JMIR Formative Research, December 2021. Abstract

Clinical and demographic correlates of willingness to use at-home testing measures for COVID-19 among opioid-dependent individual

Mistler, C., Sullivan, M., Wickersham, J., Copenhaver, M., & Shrestha, R.

Substance Abuse, December 2021. Abstract